Miami Herald Covers the Neil Rogers Audio Recovery Project — Neil Rogers

  • John Baker had his own personal collection of NEIL from the late 1980s. The audio we recovered before then and during the WIOD era (as well as the 1998 shows), were sent to him to restore, remaster, and convert to digital.
  • I don’t recall saying John was in Boca, but he might have lived there in the 1980s. John lived in Gainesville.
  • I also don’t know if Nick Abbot ever played Neil bits on his show. I do know Neil was an influence, which you can see on his Wikipedia page or his Twitter feed.
  • Typo: “I moved to D.C. and I couldn’t a radio signal in my office.” It should have read “I moved to D.C. and I couldn’t get a radio signal in my office.” Again, my cell phone was breaking up during the interview.
  • Neil was born in Rochester, NY not Canada.
  • The archives aren’t mine. They belong to all the fans.

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